Stop-loss orders reduce risk by automatically closing out a losing trade once a market passes a set price level. In the case of a standard stop-loss, the order will close out your trade at the best available price once the set stop value has been reached. It’s possible that your trade can be closed out at a worse level than that of the stop trigger, especially when the market is in a state of high volatility. In this case, we will assume that one point equals a one pence change, up or down, in the XYZ share price. We’ll now assume a buy or “up bet” is taken on XYZ at a value of £10 per point.

Finally, confirm the order the platform will execute your spread betting position instantly. Admiral Markets has grown into an international financial group with access to over-the-counter markets in over 130 countries over the course of more than 20 years. The platform has 16 offices around the world that provide multilingual customer service. The company’s name was changed to Admirals after a rebranding in 2021, which allowed the platform to gain new integrated risk management solutions. Or, if you think that Royal Mail shares are undervalued, you’ll be placing a long position.

What is the bet size in spread betting?

This is important because IG Index is not incentivised to see its clients lose money. Rather, the company would prefer all traders to profit as profitable traders grow their accounts and pay higher fees in interest. IG index is also listed on the London Stock Exchange and so there is greater transparency over its accounts.

During the day the price of XYZ Plc shares increases by £5/share and the trade is closed successfully at a bid price of £105, with another £5 commission. The individual now has £10,495, earning £480 (before considering taxes). For instance, traders can play the “crush spread”, the difference between the value of a soybeans futures contract and the value of soybean meal and soybean oil contracts. This bdswiss forex broker review difference is the profit margin for processing soybeans into soybean meal and soybean oil and it can shrink or expand for a variety of reasons. Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or seasoned spread betting trader – it is imperative that you always have a risk management strategy in place. This simply means that you are able to trade in a risk-averse way by keeping your potential losses in check.

What Is A Point Spread In The NBA?

This tells the site whether you think the shares will rise or fall in value. A lot of UK stock brokers require you to deposit hundreds of pounds to get started with an investment. You might also find that you are required to purchase a minimum number of shares – which can make the process unviable for those on a budget.

Instead, traders bet on the direction the price will move and the amount they want to bet per point of movement. is an online trading platform that offers a stripped-back way to trade online via a jargon-free platform, that can be accessed via web browser. By contrast, say Paul earns £25 per winning bet and only drops £5 per losing bet. Even with his 40% win rate, Paul still makes a £7 profit (0.4 x £25 –0.6 x £5).

Place Shares Spread Betting Order

You can access axiory forex broker review UK markets at Pepperstone via MT4, MT5, or cTrade. This is particularly useful if you want to benefit from automated trading or deploy advanced technical indicators. There is no minimum deposit requirement at Pepperstone and the provider accepts Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, and bank transfers. On top of shares, Pepperstone also offers spread betting instruments on commodities, currencies, indices, and if you’re a professional client – cryptocurrencies. This app allows users to trade on more than 1,000 markets, including foreign exchange, commodities, cryptos, indices, and stocks, commission-free. With its fully complete AvaOptions platform and its full support for MetaTrader 4 and Metarader 5, AvaTrade is considered one of the most popular trading platforms in the UK.

IG – Access over 17,000 spread betting markets; trade with leverage of up to 1:30; negative balance protection

Enter your email to receive my free UK stock trading handbook, packed with techniques to manage risk and consistently profit. We would need to check the points unit, and with shares the unit is always 1 penny. As the dealing ticket is £1 per point, we would take £11,000 and divide it by the share price of £1.1.

While you can make money on bet shares, you have to know that if you bet on stocks and shares and the price decreases, you will lose money if you decide to sell the shares. As spread betting is commission-free we only need to consider the spread itself, and overnight funding costs when trading daily funded bets. However, whilst leverage can magnify profits, it also works both ways and so the risk of loss is also magnified. We should approach trading with leverage carefully and never trade with position sizes that we can’t afford to lose. But by trading in a spread bet account any profits we can keep for ourselves, as spread betting is not subject to Capital Gains Tax. Spread betting is a popular way of trading because it also enables traders to position themselves long and short on securities.

What sports can you bet on the spread?

If an investor is trading physical shares, they have to borrow the stock they intend to short sell which can be time-consuming and costly. This is a great tool to take advantage of, as you will learn how to bet on shares on a certain platform free of charge. Any time you are betting on share prices as a beginner, you should use tools that can help you learn review buffettology how to do it in a smart manner, which will increase your chances of making money. Before starting spread betting, I’d recommend reading my trading handbook (put your email address in the box below and I’ll send it to you). This contains helpful tips of position sizing and risk management, and will increase your chances of success and trading profitably.

For example, while some are known for low fees, commissions, and spreads – others stand out because they provide access to thousands of markets. It’s worth noting – the options on this page are for financial spread betting. allows traders to start off with a free demo account facility.

As a broker specialising in Forex and CFD currency trading, Admirals offers a highly diversified range of trading products and assets. With nearly 4000 CFDs and 8400 tradable symbols to choose from, traders have the possibility to find exactly what they’re looking for. This is particularly beneficial for traders who prefer to keep all their positions in one brokerage account, making portfolio management simpler and more efficient.

Speculate on whether an asset’s price will rise or fall with spread bets. Discover everything you need to know about what spread betting is and how it works. For a selection of US Stocks we offer clients the ability to trade these online during the pre and post market sessions offered by the underlying exchanges (outside of normal market hours).

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